Holiday Bowl

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  • Are tickets available for purchase on game day?
  • Where is Will-Call?
  • How do I exchange my seat for a handicap accessible one?
  • What if I have lost my ticket? Can I get a replacement?
  • What if I want to upgrade, add, delete seats from my membership account?
  • When do renewals take place?
  • What does it mean to be a Holiday Bowl member?
  • When do tickets go on sale to the general public?
  • How can I get seats on my team's side?
  • Do I have to buy a ticket for my child if she/he sits on my lap?
  • Which sides are the Pac-12 and Big Ten on?

Game Information

  • Where do the bands sit?
  • When is this year's game?
  • What time do gates open on the day of the game?
  • Who is the home team for this year's game?
  • What radio station is broadcasting this year's game?
  • Which sides are the Pac-12 and Big Ten on?
  • What time does the Pre-Game show start?
  • How much does it cost to park in the stadium lot on game day?
  • When and where can I buy game merchandise?
  • How do I take the trolley public transportation to Qualcomm Stadium?

Stadium Information

  • What is the address of Qualcomm Stadium?
  • What is the seating capacity for Qualcomm Stadium?
  • Can I use flash photography?
  • Can I video tape the game?
  • What is stadium policy regarding bringing in food or drink? Or coolers/bags?
  • What is the alcohol policy at the stadium?
  • What is Qualcomm Stadium's smoking policy?
  • Where are the overflow parking areas the day of the game?
  • Can I tailgate in the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot?
  • Can I park my RV overnight at Qualcomm Stadium?
  • Where is the handicap parking?
  • Does Qualcomm Stadium have ATM's?
  • Can I get a transport to my seating area if I have a disability?
  • If I leave the stadium can I come back in?
  • Where is Lost and Found?
  • Where are the First Aid stations?
  • Where are the designated driver booth locations?
  • Are there baby-changing facilities at the stadium?
  • Where are the elevators and escalators located?
  • Are there any restaurants in the stadium?
  • Are noise-makers allowed?
  • What is the policy on bringing animals to the game? (ie. Guide dogs)
  • Can I bring a homemade sign/banner into the stadium?
  • Can I bring a beachball?
  • What items are prohibited inside the stadium?
  • Where are the diaper changing stations?
  • Is there stroller check?
  • What is the policy on bringing umbrellas into the stadium?
  • Is there bike parking available?
  • Is there traffic the day of the game?


  • How do I get to Qualcomm Stadium?
  • How can I get a taxi?
  • Is AAA available in the parking lot after the game?
  • Where are the overflow parking areas the day of the game?

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