The San Diego Bowl Game Association RedShirt Committee is a group of young professionals, ages 21-35, who play a significant role in the production of San Diego’s largest annual festival of events.  The committee works with the National University Holiday Bowl and Poinsettia Bowl Committee, made up of San Diego’s civic and corporate leaders. RedShirts do not have financial obligations, however they are required to invest a considerable amount of time attending committee meetings and volunteering at various events.

2013 redshirtsRobert Beathard
James Bourguignon
Brigette Bower
Greg Bowman
Emily Cox
Dasean Cunningham
Lauren Davis
Christina Di Leva
John Dudek
Marissa Eggers
Katie Geppert 
Tommy Gibbs
Kristin Hamlin
Kurt Hartman
Andy Hottenstein
Matthew Johnson
Wesley Jones
Lance Kruse
Tessa LiMandri
Amber Lingle
Jared Lowy
Stephanie Lyndon
Kalani McClain
Mary Montgomery
Kevin Nolen
Jason Paguio
Matthew Parr
Nikolas Parrish
Kelly Reed
Blake Richards
Casey Sapp
Steven Schmidt
David Stark
Jesse Williams

If you have any questions about becoming a RedShirt, please contact Katharine LiMandri at (619) 283-5808 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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