Become a Volunteer

The National University Holiday Bowl is looking for volunteers to assist with our year-around festival of events. Join the more than 800 volunteers who help make the Holiday Bowl "America's Most Exciting Bowl Game."

If you are interested in becoming a Bowl volunteer, click here for the Bowl Volunteer Application.

McDade 2013
John McDade
2012 Kathy Herney 110% Award Winner

The Kathy Herney 110% Award
The Kathy Herney 110% Award is bestowed upon a non-Redcoat volunteer for extraordinary effort and service. Kathy volunteered for the Bowl almost daily for two decades. She worked with staff on a wide variety of projects and was such a part of the Bowl that she even had her own office. Kathy passed away in February 2001 at the age of 72. The staff, RedCoats and other volunteers who knew her loved and respected her. This is truly a special award and the National University Holiday Bowl family is pleased to recognize these former award recipients.

2012 - John McDade
- Lillian Freeman & Tyanna Burleson
2010 - Mike Forzano
2009 - Pat Drobeck
2008 - Gary Pates
2007 - Jeff Phillips
2006 - Mark Weeden
2005 - Dean Richardson
2004 - Wade Martin
2003 - Ed and Julie Krummenacher
2002 -Dave Fields


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